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Play Me Sweet and Nice

Play Me Sweet and Nice
Marcia Griffiths

$ 1,300.00

El Play Me Sweet and Nice de Marcia Griffiths es uno de nuetros discos favoritos e incluso su reedición es difícil de conseguir. Esta es una reedición de Be With Records con material extra en un vinilo adicional. 

1. Here I am baby

2. Everything I own

3. Green grasshopper

4. Play me

5. Children at play

6. Sweet bitter love

7. Gypsy man

8. There's no me without you

9. The first time I saw your face

10. I'd rather be lonely

11. Mark my word

12. The first cut is the deepest

13. Melody life

14. Work and slave

15. Working to the top (my ambition)

16. Don't let me down

17. Band of gold

18. Put a little love in your heart

19. I see you my love

20. It's too late

21. Baby if you don't love me

22. Love walked in

23. When will I see you again

24. Play me (part 2)

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