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Alabaster DePlume

$ 1,200.00

Edición gatefold del disco que combina elementos de poesía, jazz y ambient editado por International Anthem.

1. A gente acaba (vento em rosa)

2. Don't forget you're precious

3. Fucking let them

4. The world is mine

5. The sound of my feet on this earth is a song to your spirit

6. I'm gonna say seven

7. Do you know a human being when you see one?

8. Visitors YT15B - Jerusalem, Palestine

9. I'm good at not crying

10. Now (stars are lit)

11. Again

12. Mrs Calamari

13. People: what's the difference?

14. Visitors YT8B - Oak

15. Who is a fool

16. I will not be safe

17. Visitors YT15 - Krupp steel condition pivot

18. Broken like

19. Now (pink triangle blue valley)

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Ryo Fukui

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