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The City Is Ablaze! The Story of a Post-Punk Popzine, 1984 - 1994. Edición limitada del Record Store Day 2013 esta es una colección de lo mejor que se editó en el legendario fanzine de Manchester.

Incluye entrevistas de:  Eyeless In Gaza, The Membranes, The Stone Roses, The Inca Babies, Tools You Can Trust, The Bodines,Inspiral Carpets, The Pastels, The Janitors,Happy Mondays, King Of The Slums, The Dust Devils, The Shamen, Cud, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., The Pixies, Throwing Muses, The Sundays,Thrilled Skinny, Rapeman, UT, Dog Faced Hermans, Edsel Auctioneer, Mudhoney, AC Temple, fIREHOSE, Band Of Susans, Henry Rollins, Live Skull, Kilgore Trout, The Sun And The Moon, The Breeders, Happy Flowers,Silverfish, The Keatons, The Stretchheads,Pregnant Neck, Mayomberos Alive, Fluff,Archbishop Kebab, Nirvana, Pale Saints, Mercury Rev, The Heart Throbs, Babes In Toyland,American Music Club, Hole, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine, Shudder To Think, The Wedding Present, Leatherface, Nation Of Ulysses,Tsunami, Poster Children, Sugar, Moonshake,Hood, and Polvo.

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